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5 Tips for the Middle East and Sesame Street

March 2, 2011 Leave a comment
I have been writing a lot about the Middle East lately, and haven’t offered any constructive solutions. Today, I do. Enjoy my 5 Tips for the Middle East and Sesame Street!

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  1. Get rid of Elmo.After all, his cuteness is too sugary and gets the heart beating faster, like a saccharine overload, that kid’s gotta go.
  2. Have Gaddafi , Ahmadinejad and all comers get into a ring and duke it out for Allah. Whoever wins, they can set up their own little world with no help, no interference and no benefiting from the West.
  3. Give the Middle East Richard Simmons. Lord knows they could all use a little more, er… flamboyancy.
  4. Give them Might Putty. Is there anything that stuff can’t fix?
  5. Close your eyes and don’t give them any attention at all. It is the same lesson for little kids. Make a lot of noise, want attention, but when they don’t get it, they go play quietly in their rooms.

What do you think readers? Can I table this at the UN? Have more to add? Post your thoughts below!


News from The Associated Press – Jordan’s King fires Cabinet Amid Protests

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment
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News from The Associated Press. “Jordan’s most powerful opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, dismissed the changes as cosmetic.”

Do you see the virus that has begun to spread? Tunisia, Egypt and now, Jordan. The West remains silent.

Happy Founders Day Alpha Kappa Dappa Doo!

January 15, 2011 5 comments
Alpha Kappa Alpha Pledge Pin on eBay. Author g...

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Not sure what the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is, and not too keen to find out. Sounds like a secret society of ultra feminists bent on taking over an alpha male world. Of course, I might be wrong and they could be a bunch of grandmotherly patrons, wearing red hats, sipping tea and knitting.

Limited memories of days gone bye. Days of memories being limited by tales of passion and wine…Go Alpha Kappa!

When these fraternities and sororities are created, why not use even scarier monikers. Like “Bum Paddlers”? Or, “Order of the Bones”?  Oh, yeah, Bones has been taken by an ultra ultra secret society, the Masons. Knights Templar reunited and it feels so good. (Thanks Peaches and Herb)

Listen, it’s Saturday and I am still waking up, confronted with news of the world out of Tunisia,  Tuscon and Extenze. The world is not a better place this morning. Jesus did not return last night and Gary Coleman is still dead. Elvis has left the building and he ain’t working at 7-11, contrary to popular reports.

More secret coded messages.