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I made it! The Fed and The Gunslinger

March 7, 2011 2 comments
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That was a rough night. After my post about the Fed, weird, strange things began to happen. (Well, not to me personally, but I am sure that weird things did begin to happen to some people yesterday. Coincidence? You be the judge of that)

I really need to ramble today. A lot of things that are going on, but I need a free space. It’s okay if you ignore this post dear reader, verbal diarrhea of sorts for this Monday edition. Sometimes it clears my head, just to think and spew whatever comes to mind.

Great ideas form capitalists. More money for less. The recession is only beginning, south of the 49th. But, now you can get a super deal on a mattress. This is the hottest trending topic on Google right now. A Groupon for the Mattress Firm.

People are not looking up what is Obama doing, or Gaddafi. No, they are looking up this sale at mattress Firm. See, I already have given them plenty of free advertising without spending a cent at Groupon.

So who is outh there that is a gunslinger? A last gunslinger? Anyone? Is there anyone out there besuides Chuck Norris who is civilizations last bastion of hope?  (Vote here)

I think the last two were Ronald Reagan and yes, JFK. Twoi separate sides of the aisle, but both, very much true gunslingers, protecting Dodge.

Who protects Dodge now? China has robbed your banks. India, your jobs. Eurpoe has robbed you of your dignity.


Jelly Bellies and Ronald Reagan

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment
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I miss Reagan. I really do. maybe it is that I just miss being in my twenties during the eighties. It was a glorious time. Just as you may miss being in your twenties during the sixties or seventies. Maybe even the fifties. Good times and good music when you are twenty. You are alive, immortal, living for that one immortal day.

Reagan possessed a certain charm and led the world out from Soviet rule. Of course, under Reagan, I feared Big Brother more than I had ever done so, until Obama took control that is. Now I FEAR BIG BROTHER. But under Obama, the world has lost a little more of it’s freedom, a little more of it’s innocence. Norman Rockwell would have nothing good to paint I am afraid. Can you imagine a Norman Rockwell type of painting with a TSA guard, a little kid in the airport being “searched”? Rockwell could call it “The Grope”.

Sad times have befallen the land. Dark times. Times when we need a gunslinger.

Who is going to stand up for freedom?

Challenger Disaster and The Gipper. Lessons Obama Needs to Know

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment
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Twenty five years ago the sky blazed in a fireball that we hadn’t seen before. The Challenger and her crew were lost over the coast of Florida in a shocking, heart wrenching moment of American history.

Ronald Reagan went to the airwaves, to pay tribute to these astronauts and did an outstanding job. He rose to the occassion and said that this would not be the end of the shuttle missions, but the beginning, as they were still “pioneers”. The Gipper came through for America and there were more missions into space. America prospered. Bruce Sprinstreen led the charge with his Born in the USA album. Remember those days?

Now, flash forward to today. President Obama (albeit not legally President) has returned to the Gipper himself. I was quite suprised when one of the most left wing, spend thrift Presiden’ts of all time had the unmitigated gall to turn to Reagan and mislead even more of the American public down the garden path to destruction.


Bruce Springsteen, at least had the balls to say he was not in support of Reagan using Born in the USA as a platform for Republican politics. I can respect that. But, when a man of Obama’s finger pointing stature, begins combing the history bins to make himself look good..Well, dear reader, I will leave that to you and the voting booth.

Obama needs to forge his own pathways. He needs to step up and lead America into the next round. Not compare America to other nations, nor to point blame at past administrations. Obama needs to whip his team into shape, get them excited about America again, not just their fat cat paychecks and perks on the Capitol.

America needs to heed the words of JFK and begin doing again, for the country and not for themselves. Let’s go out and win this one for the Gipper.

Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska and a mouth full of marbles

January 25, 2011 1 comment
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Seriously? Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska is going to be involved as a director for soccer? Well, stranger things have happened in the crazy, mixed up world. Ronald Reagan became a great president, Charles Shultz died the day after retiring and someone, made a kajillion dollars off of something stupid, called the “Snuggie“. (Yes, if you bought one, you do look that stupid- see woman on right)


Fall of 1964

May 4, 2010 4 comments

One of the last surviving pictures of my dad and dear old mom. I was born in 66 so at least I knew they didn’t “have” to get married. but unfortunately, that is all I knew about them as they were both tragically killed by roaming Tutsi, tribes when they immigrated to Canada.

Young and idealistic, or so I am told, they roamed the prairies in search of that great adventure, the great Canadian dream. I was told that Dad, was an aspiring dancer and actor whereas my mom was a talented seamstress and songstress. Happy, carefree, the epitome of the sixties. But then came the rain.

Trudeau-mania began to make it’s rounds. The Tutsi were clamoring over the hockey nets to cross our borders. A great cry went up throughout the civilized world when Ronald Reagan spoke these immortal words,

Mr. Trudeau, tear down these nets”

And in the summer of 1968, the hockey nets came come and the Tutsi had arrived.

With sticks and cups of hot coffee, Saskatchewanders fought. They fought in the hills, in the sloughs. They fought the Tutsi in the cities and the towns, but it was to no avail, they had been beaten. I was told my parents died making one last stand protecting the Manitou Beach’s Carlsbad Hotel. The hotel is gone now and so is all memory of that battle, long ago.

The Tutsi were finally given plane tickets back to Rwanda and life in Saskatchewan pretty well returned to normal. Those that survived were told by government authorities never to speak of the battle with anyone from the outside world. To this day, if you ask, it never happened. There are, however, people like me that have escaped Saskatchewan, to start a new life with new identity and we remember. We will not let those heroes voices and lives be silent.