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5 reasons to keep Charlie Sheen on TV

March 3, 2011 Leave a comment
The Boys Next Door (1985 film)

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This guy has been making a lot of news/noise lately. I have pretty well relegated him to the has-been department, but then I felt that he deserved a deeper look. I was suprised myself about why we should keep Charlie Sheen on television, in particular, Two and a Half Men.

  1. I think he really needs the cash. All of the porn stars and the equipment one must need to keep them going..I found proof of this here. Don’t believe that this was done for free. Charlie doesn’t do anything for free.
  2. Charlie Sheen is a hold over from the old days (mid ’80s. Platoon, Boys Next Door) If he falls out of the limelight, we will have to turn again to LiLo, Miley and a host of other talentless hacks.  Has anyone seen Pauly Shore?
  3. Charlie Sheen is a nut. But I like him. He reminds me of Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now, which gets me thinking that this latest outburst by Charlie is a planned and coordinated effort. If in doubt, look no further than Joaquin Phoenix.
  4. Sexist pigs of the world would lose a valuable role model. Of course, they could follow this guy.
  5. My top reason for why Charlie should remain on television is what would Jon Croyer do for a living? Has he even done anything since he was “Ducky?”

Anything you can add?


Charlie Sheen and the Chocolate Porn Factory

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment
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So, Charlie Sheen, goes on a 36 hour cocaine fueled bender, writes a check for $30,00.00 to a porn star and it is news fodder for the tabloids. Egypt is on the brink of civil war, but Charlie parties with whores.

Celebrities are entitled to their own lives, but when they become public displays of such tackiness ( I was going to say immorality, but far be it from me to be judgmental) then there should be some form of public repercussion.  Or maybe not. Maybe we have gone so far south that are sensibilities have been forever altered. After all, no one took Barney off of the air when it was shown that his theme song was a North Korean subliminal subterfuge brainwashing message to the youth of America.

No one has taken Barney Frank off of the air either, unfortunately.

30k on a chocolate porn factory. Well, maybe it wasn’t for a porn factory, but it sure a great title for a movie isn’t it?

Let celebrities have their fun. The Paris Hilton’s’ their sex tapes and the Sheen’s, their never ending benders. Snooki and her talentless rap. Just don’t report it as news, or as anything anyone cares about. Report about them when their dead from the excesses.