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5 top reasons why Gaddafi Wants to Remain in Power. March 5,2011

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7/52 : Faux prétexte - False pretext

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It stops being funny when it starts being you. Saddam was stopped for having imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Gaddafi remains in power and is doing everything to remain in power, even though he has billions of dollars stored away in foreign bank accounts. Why doesn’t he just leave?

Qaddafi’s Militia Storms Key Town Controlled by Rebels –

  1. Gaddafi believes he is the last true leader in the Middle East. He does see that the latest protests have been orchetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thousands of Jordanians left noon prayers to join in peaceful protests in Amman, as the opposition continued to up its demands for political reform. The Muslim Brotherhood, which organized the protest, said that 15,000 people had participated, but the police put the number at 5,000.~ NY Times

2. Gaddafi is trying not to be out done by Charlie Sheen as the “most insane man on the planet.”

3. Colonel Gaddafi, or simply, the “Colonel” as he is called by friends,is trying to bring the Libyan people into the 15th century. As a result, some fundamentalists, IE, the Muslim Brotherhood, think that this is blasphemy. They are urging a call to arms against the tyrannanic rule of gaddafi and his boys.

‘Call to arms’

Tony Birtley, Al Jazeera’s correspondent reporting from Benghazi, said that resistance to Gadaffi’s rule was strengthening.

“I think they’re coming to the realisation that the outcome is in their own hands. They did think that Gaddafi would leave peacefully, they then thought that the international community would take steps and force him out,” he said.

“I think the pendulum has swung now and they believe it is in their own hands.

“They are answering the call to arms, they are coming from all over eastern Libya, bringing their weapons, getting whatever training they can and moving on.” ~ Al Jazeera

4.  Now that he is entering his “senior” years, the Colonel  wants to get a chance to use his 15% off Seniors Day Card at the local drugstore.

5.  My top reason for Gaddafi wanting to stay in power: Where else can he wear what he wears without getting laughed at? Seriously, He looks like a cheap  Maitre d in a third rate hotel in a third world country.

Your table is ready!


Ahmadinejad: Obama can’t spell his own name – Israel News, Ynetnews

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia

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Ahmadinejad: Obama can’t spell his own name – Israel News, Ynetnews.

Ahmadinejad, aka Snuffleupiguss, is at it again. Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (if that is how you spell that), leader of the Iranian Empire rattles his saber against the West continually and the media hangs onto his every word.

It inst the world that Obama wants to rule Mr. Ahmadinejad, it is just the American people. However, Mahmoud, you have clearly shown any sane thinker that it is exactly what you and your cronies want. To dominate the world and usher in the 12th Imam. Like Hitler, the West does not take you at your word, but panders to you. Like Hitler, I believe your threats are very real. Your hands fund Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations bent on bringing the caliphate to a reality in the middle east.

Natalie Munroe Suspended: The Worst Insults the Teacher Made About her Students

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Schoolboy receiving bare bottom birching, from...

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Natalie Munroe Suspended: The Worst Insults the Teacher Made About her Students.

Heaven forbid that a teacher be allowed to criticized a bunch of spoiled brats. I am not painting them all with the same brush, but I am sure that she is pointing out the ones that need pointing out. They always know who they are and they are always the ones that complain the loudest. Or at least, their parents do.

A lot of the kids today have zero respect for their teachers, for their elders. They do not know the meaning of the golden rule. I could not imagine dealing with a group of thirty teenage students, day in and day out. When I run into a well mannered teen, I am pleasantly supriped, but even more, I am hopeful.

I am hopeful that these kids who are well mannered, and do respect others will lead others tomorrow. Not just to end up like a lot of gang bangers with no hope, no direction.

YouTube – Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media: Emergency Alert System

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Emergency Alert System

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Dear America,

You have allowed Big Brother to come. You have forgotten the faces of your fathers.

YouTube – Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media: Emergency Alert System.

Jelly Bellies and Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

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I miss Reagan. I really do. maybe it is that I just miss being in my twenties during the eighties. It was a glorious time. Just as you may miss being in your twenties during the sixties or seventies. Maybe even the fifties. Good times and good music when you are twenty. You are alive, immortal, living for that one immortal day.

Reagan possessed a certain charm and led the world out from Soviet rule. Of course, under Reagan, I feared Big Brother more than I had ever done so, until Obama took control that is. Now I FEAR BIG BROTHER. But under Obama, the world has lost a little more of it’s freedom, a little more of it’s innocence. Norman Rockwell would have nothing good to paint I am afraid. Can you imagine a Norman Rockwell type of painting with a TSA guard, a little kid in the airport being “searched”? Rockwell could call it “The Grope”.

Sad times have befallen the land. Dark times. Times when we need a gunslinger.

Who is going to stand up for freedom?

Darth Vader and the Toasted Dorito

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Darth Vader as depicted in The Empire Strikes ...

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So, the SuperBowl is over. Everyone in America watched the packers take the shiny trophy home, to wherever home is. The Black Eyed Peas lulled the crowd to sleep. It is the game we watch,  but it is the commercials that we remember.

The favorite this year. Darth Vader of course! We all love Darth. Even I, at 45 years old, have the Darth Vader mask like the kid in the commercial. I bet that commercial cost, a bazillion dollars. maybe George Lucas got a new car for it.

Dorito ads play to the munchie generation who want nuclear flavored snacks when they sit and “veg” Nachos are too much work, so now they need to come in a bag of finger licking goodness. How many damn ways can you make a dorito chip? What is so exciting about them anyways?

Beats the hell out of me. Can’t wait until 2012 to find out.

The Arab Revolution and Western Decline

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taken by משתמש:Hmbr

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The Arab revolution and Western decline – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

A good article at what has been happening in the Middle East and how the West flip flops on the leadership in the ME. One day, they support Mubarak, the next, they call him dictator.