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I made it! The Fed and The Gunslinger

March 7, 2011 2 comments
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That was a rough night. After my post about the Fed, weird, strange things began to happen. (Well, not to me personally, but I am sure that weird things did begin to happen to some people yesterday. Coincidence? You be the judge of that)

I really need to ramble today. A lot of things that are going on, but I need a free space. It’s okay if you ignore this post dear reader, verbal diarrhea of sorts for this Monday edition. Sometimes it clears my head, just to think and spew whatever comes to mind.

Great ideas form capitalists. More money for less. The recession is only beginning, south of the 49th. But, now you can get a super deal on a mattress. This is the hottest trending topic on Google right now. A Groupon for the Mattress Firm.

People are not looking up what is Obama doing, or Gaddafi. No, they are looking up this sale at mattress Firm. See, I already have given them plenty of free advertising without spending a cent at Groupon.

So who is outh there that is a gunslinger? A last gunslinger? Anyone? Is there anyone out there besuides Chuck Norris who is civilizations last bastion of hope?  (Vote here)

I think the last two were Ronald Reagan and yes, JFK. Twoi separate sides of the aisle, but both, very much true gunslingers, protecting Dodge.

Who protects Dodge now? China has robbed your banks. India, your jobs. Eurpoe has robbed you of your dignity.


YouTube – Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media: Emergency Alert System

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment
Emergency Alert System

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Dear America,

You have allowed Big Brother to come. You have forgotten the faces of your fathers.

YouTube – Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media: Emergency Alert System.

Santa, Norad and Jesus

December 24, 2010 1 comment

Well dear readers, it is Christmas time again. It has been a great and long year but thanks for coming along for the ride Norad has been tracking Santa lately as he makes his back alley christmasway around the world.

I understand, from sources close to the command center that they are tracking him, not out of kindness for children to log on and see where Santa is, but because he is considered a terror threat as he flies across the unfriendly skies.

Apparently, while Santa made his rounds in Pakistan, he dropped in on Bin Laden’s camp to deliver some coal to Bin Laden’s stocking. A guard, inadvertently was able to capture Saint Nick and deliver him over to Bin Laden.

As Santa stops time to make his way across the earth on Christmas Eve, Bin Laden was able to use this to his advantage and radicalized Santa. Santa apparently converted to Islam and changed his name to Jihad Nick.

Oh you better watch out (for planes falling from the sky)

You better not cry (to the enemies of Allah)

You better not pout (against the Prophet Mohammad)

And I’m telling you why

Jihad Santa is coming to town!

He knows when you have been praying

He knows when you are facing Mecca

He knows when you have been good

So you better blow yourself up for Allah`s sake!

So dear readers, that leaves the world with Jesus and the Easter bunny. It is not likely that either of them will convert as Jesus is the Son of the one true God and the Easter Bunny tastes more like pork than chicken.

So to all, have a Merry Christmas, don`t drink and drive and have a great New Year!