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5 things the Government DOES NOT want you to know!

March 6, 2011 2 comments
Annuit Cœptis

Image by Nick Humphries via Flickr

Since Roswell, the government (US) has been keeping little secrets here and there over the years. Area 51, The truth of the Bermuda Triangle, Ark of the Covenant etc.

Since Project Blue book closed down, we haven’t heard of any juicy secrets that the government doesn’t want us to know. Until now.

So here is a look at them and if you don’t see a fresh post by me on Monday, then I have been silenced dear readers.

  1. Taxation. We are led to believe that taxes go to paying for government expenditures, infrastructure and some foreign aide projects. Not so says an inside top bureaucrat. ” Actually, your taxes go to China and they do not pass go! We owe China so much money that we do not have a snowball chance in hell of every paying them back.”

According to Ron Paul, a member of the house banking committee, we owe Chinaabout 2 & 1/2 trillion American dollars.

China gets American dollars when they sell us stuff made in China. Instead of sitting on the dollars they buy American interest bearing Treasury Bills & Treasury Bonds, which would have different maturity dates. These Gvt. issues can also be rolled over when the maturity date arrives.

It’s a distinct possibility that it may never be paid off or paid back because the numbers are so high. (Emphasis mine)

These American dollar debt obligations can be sold or traded by China at any time provided a buyer is found.

If the Fed is ordered by Congress to buy them back, it would probably be at a very deeply discounted price, which would show the worlds bankers exactly how unsound dollars have become.
If the Fed buys huge amounts of Treasury debt, it can be assumed the national debt {about 9 trillion dollars} would be owed to the Fed, which apparently is owned by the wealthiest bankers in the world, not the American people.

Now do you see why Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed?

2. John Kerry is a Soviet spy. Unfortunately, there is no proof on paper of this , but I have seen The Manchurian Candidate so, there you go.

3. The Fed is an unconstitutional institution.  And yes dear readers, there is proof. Watch this little video. I am not sure why people are not actively taking to the streets and protesting this alone. it is bad enough that we are all spiraling out of debt, but the fact that the Fed is making more money of of you than is allowed for by the Constitution?  Write your local congressman today and END THE FED!

4. Michael Ignatieff in Canada is actually a pod person sent by the American government to infiltrate Canadian politics with blandness. Not sure if you noticed, but Canadian politics and history, have always been bland, other than WWI and WWII where we kicked serious ass. Then we became tepid tea drinkers afraid to offend anyone, or anything.

And the top thing that the government does NOT WANT YOU to know about is that, yes,American Idol really has sucked since Simon Cowell ( a Brit) left the show. People want to see tears and ridicule. If they want talent, they will put on a Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd or Stones album. Talented musicians last made a guest appearancee with Blind Mellon and Shannon Hoon.