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5 Tips for the Middle East and Sesame Street

March 2, 2011 Leave a comment
I have been writing a lot about the Middle East lately, and haven’t offered any constructive solutions. Today, I do. Enjoy my 5 Tips for the Middle East and Sesame Street!

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  1. Get rid of Elmo.After all, his cuteness is too sugary and gets the heart beating faster, like a saccharine overload, that kid’s gotta go.
  2. Have Gaddafi , Ahmadinejad and all comers get into a ring and duke it out for Allah. Whoever wins, they can set up their own little world with no help, no interference and no benefiting from the West.
  3. Give the Middle East Richard Simmons. Lord knows they could all use a little more, er… flamboyancy.
  4. Give them Might Putty. Is there anything that stuff can’t fix?
  5. Close your eyes and don’t give them any attention at all. It is the same lesson for little kids. Make a lot of noise, want attention, but when they don’t get it, they go play quietly in their rooms.

What do you think readers? Can I table this at the UN? Have more to add? Post your thoughts below!


Nazanin Afshin-Jam. President and Co-Founder of Stop Child Executions

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

I had an opportunity to meet Nazanin Afshin-Jam as she came to Castlegar today to give a talk at Mary Hall later this evening in Nelson.Nazanin-Afshin-Jam and I

It was cheesy that I would want to show up at the airport, to “help with luggage”, but my wife was honest with her and stated the truth: “My husband wanted to meet you”.  I am sure that Miss World Canada 2003 has heard that one before, but I simply could not let this moment slip from my fingers. She is beautiful. And she is very engaging. I gave her a ride in the “redneck” limousine (my F-150 4×4) and she was charmed! A woman with a good sense of humor!

She did not shirk away from my questions about her role in being an advocate for children in a totalitarian regime, nor did she shy away from the dangers that are faced with such outspokeness.

In an interview with Shaw Cable, she spoke of her organization but also mentioned that in Iran, you can be put to death for changing your faith to something that is not Muslim. ( I did not ask her her religion, but she said she was blessed by God, and I noticed, she did not use Allah)

She was very candid about life in Iran ( she immigrated to Canada after the Revolution) and she was candid in talking about not only the Revolutionary Gaurd, but the Qud Forces as well. She had said that her former boyfriend (not Peter Makay) had been threatened as have other members of her family.

And yet, Nazanin continues speaking for those that do not have an advocate. She does this without pay, full time, seven days a week, bringing awareness to children being executed in Iran. Not all of the children that are on Iran’s death row are entirely innocent of the crime, but they are children.

I wish I could have spent more time with her, talking about Iran and the issues that the people face there. But, if nothing else, I hung out with a former Miss World contestant (1st runner up),Miss Canada World winner and my wife for an hour on a sunny day in the middle of the mountains.

How many men can say that they have done that?

If you have a chance to hear Nazanin speak on child executions, I strongly urge you to do so.

Santa, Norad and Jesus

December 24, 2010 1 comment

Well dear readers, it is Christmas time again. It has been a great and long year but thanks for coming along for the ride Norad has been tracking Santa lately as he makes his back alley christmasway around the world.

I understand, from sources close to the command center that they are tracking him, not out of kindness for children to log on and see where Santa is, but because he is considered a terror threat as he flies across the unfriendly skies.

Apparently, while Santa made his rounds in Pakistan, he dropped in on Bin Laden’s camp to deliver some coal to Bin Laden’s stocking. A guard, inadvertently was able to capture Saint Nick and deliver him over to Bin Laden.

As Santa stops time to make his way across the earth on Christmas Eve, Bin Laden was able to use this to his advantage and radicalized Santa. Santa apparently converted to Islam and changed his name to Jihad Nick.

Oh you better watch out (for planes falling from the sky)

You better not cry (to the enemies of Allah)

You better not pout (against the Prophet Mohammad)

And I’m telling you why

Jihad Santa is coming to town!

He knows when you have been praying

He knows when you are facing Mecca

He knows when you have been good

So you better blow yourself up for Allah`s sake!

So dear readers, that leaves the world with Jesus and the Easter bunny. It is not likely that either of them will convert as Jesus is the Son of the one true God and the Easter Bunny tastes more like pork than chicken.

So to all, have a Merry Christmas, don`t drink and drive and have a great New Year!