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Get Off the Bus!

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Pirates in the Caribbean, not just a movie. Another group of pirates (Muslim Somalis) taking hostages in the Indian Ocean. CNN has the story, but I wonder if they will exclude any relevant facts like they did when the 4 Americans were kliled by Somali pirates.  In that story, the world media outlets neglected to tell the reason why those 4 Americans were in these troubled waters..

They were Christians, handing out Bibles. Do you think that is what got them killed? Dollars to donuts, I’d say yes.

Now it is early in this particular story, but as I read any major news outlet version of the story, I am left wondering what they have left out. Now, I am not saying that the media might be biased, or afraid to call a spade a spade, (snicker,snicker) but it be in all of our best interests if we stopped taking what they were giving us at face value.

Like the American government saying “No more taxes”, or “There were no arms deals to the Contras” (Remember those fairy tales and other lies your step mother told you?) We are being herded like sheep to a cattle car. Slightly nervous about why we are being rounded up, but not terribly afraid as everyone seems to be going along with it, and the media and the government is after all, telling us it is for our own good.

Ollie North! Come back! We need you!

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