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Unemployment: Day unknown

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Another job that I didn’t get although I would have been great at it. Men’s Outreach Coordinator. And I don’t even have a lick of Scotch in the house to nurse my ego.

This is getting frustrating to be sure. I am like a million other people in North America (actually it’s more but a million is easy to spell) and every day that I am not working is frankly getting a little harder to deal with.

Bills, mortgages, bills,  kids in hockey, kids in guitar, kids in this, kids in that. I am not going to let my kids feel the pinch just quite yet. I just can’t do that. Some may say that is being foolish, but I am honest.

On the lighter and brighter side, this has given me a great opportunity to paint the kitchen and the kitchen cupboards. I have gone out for coffee more than I have in the past ten years and that is okay too.

I amat least not guilty of  forging those chains like the late Mr.Marley. Maybe I will end up in Saskatoon. Montreal or Ottawa. Maybe Boston. Bean Town is a good town, some good folks in Boston.

I am rambling today but that is the name of the blog isnt it? Ramblings and other savageries? Although I havent been all that savage lately. I really dont see a point to my being savage when there is enough of it in the world already. No, I am not warm and fuzzy, but have you dropped by The Drudge Report lately?

I was talking with a friend last night, a fellow ex army guy and there is one thing we can’t exploit during the interview.

Interviwer: “So what are you good at?”

Me: “I can kill you.”  What makes this so funny to us is that we live in an area known for its draft dodgers from Vietnam and recently, Iraq. You can kind of sense what kind of people live here. (Hint: granola,sandals and sweater vests). Not like saying I went to Stanford for 18 years to get my PhD in Humanities and Political Science. Not saying that I am not proud of my time serving, but later in life, limited options grow even more limited.  Maybe I can go back to 1986-87. I had a mohawk then. No real job prospects, but the music was good!

Things I would like to be doing:

1. Rock and Roll singer

2. An actor

3. Work at Fortis with some friends

4. Work at A & W for the great employee discount

5. Design websites.

6. Video shoot

7. Work with models in strange locations, like Grover Road.

8. Afford a nice bottle of Scotch.

9. Work

10. Eat

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