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Doctors in Madison. Gunships in Tripoli

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A nice short post at the Volokh Conspiracy this morning about the doctors that were handing out notes excusing workers from work. The writer states a fine point;  ” These doctors sacrificed a slice of the medical profession’s credibility for a political cause. Was it worth it? The fallout is mounting” The political pressure from the left is mounting. Using every tactic possible, they consider democracy a good thing, only when it goes toward their favor.

Fast track to Tripoli. People are being shot for walking in the streets as Gadhafi wants to hold onto his power, even at the cost of his own people. Is that so far removed from what is happening in Wisconsin and soon, to a town near you? People of all political stripes seem to be discontent with their lot in life. In Wisconsin, the marchers feel that they are being threatened by losing their ability for collective bargaining. The governor says too bad. He says they are costing tax payers too much money.

If you don’t believe that this will come to a town near you, from the WSJ: “The clash between Republicans and unions that caught fire in Wisconsin last week escalated Monday: Labor leaders planned to take their protests to dozens of other capitals and Democrats in a second state considered a walkout to stall bills that would limit union power.” (emphasis mine)

There is no longer a case of “majority rules” in the United States. The few, pressure the many. I would use the term “coerce”. In Wisconsin, union employees acccount for less than 15 percent of the working population, yet, they seem to be making the biggest noise. The average American (or Canadian) does not get increases in their salaries that match the cost of living increases.

Unions routinely get 2, 3, 5 and even 10% increases in their agreements. When I worked in sales for the past seven years, the only time I got “increases” would be when I worked for them by increased sales. The dinosaur model of the trade union has a different mind set, a mind set of entitlement.

I wonder when we are going to become like Tripoli. With gunships imposing martial type law because the few demand from the many.

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