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Growing Population Fights for Fewer Resources

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It’s a sign of Armageddon. We are living the dream of consumption. The American dream that was heard around the world. Consumerism has led to an explosion. Foreign aide only increases the surface population.

Now, I know that this going to be an atypical rant, but when scientist’s get together and agree on something like “global warming” (snicker, snicker) then we as a people must unite and stop the madness. Let’s end all foreign aide to developing countries. Their hungry cries can’t be heard if I am not listening! heck, lets just pave Africa! It can be an international airport, connecting North America to Europa!

Of course it will be North America leading the way for family planning because Third World nations refuse to do so. Therefore, we will be ceremoniously guilted into doing it. Let’s begin with Al Gore! Lead on Al!! Lead on!!

Lets end all drug rehab. Let’s stop losing fine men and women in uniform in the war on drugs. Let the druggies begin killing themselves and then when there are not so many kingpins and bobby pins, then we can allocate some police members to fight the war.

Growing population fights for fewer resources – News1130.

Lets eat more plants! (of course if we eat more plants, then poor baby seals will die in the wilderness, and the baby deer, the antelope)

The plus side is that obesity rates may go down somewhat, although, unfortunately, not because of an exercise program.

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