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Passenger Inspections and the Mouse that Roared

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
Paris Hilton con su copia de Paisajes Sonoros

Image by Alex CD via Flickr

CTV British Columbia – PM doesn’t favour U.S. fee for Canadians – CTV News.

This is good! Like I would spend $5.00 going to America. Obama is trying to nickel and dime his own people to death with outrageous deficits andf now, wants to nickel and dime the working class from other nations as well. How about taxing people that contribute nothing, like Paris Hilton, Mr.Obama? (oh, nothing against Ms.Hilton but, you know…)

Hilton gets a $325,000.00 Lexus and I am going to have to spend 5.00 to shop across the line. What is involved with “passesnger inspection”? Am I spending five bucks on the oppurtunity to be groped by my “man bits” by an overworked, under paid Border agent? I can save the five bucks, stay at home and snuggle up to the Mrs. That sounds like a better way to spend the evening.

To the custom agents on both sides of the borders. I sympathize with you. I am sure that when you signed up to protect our borders, you never anticipated groping honest civilians that are going out for a Sunday drive across the line.

Mr. Obama. Shame on you.

Mr.Harper. Thank you for standing up to this lunacy.

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