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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Tse Tse Fly

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The US is going to publicly rebuke Israel for building in it’s own land but Mahmoud continues to wear that weirded out jacket. Iran is going full bore into a nuclear weapons program and the US is going to side wuth the evil United nations and 15 member council against Israel. Yem, Egypt,Tunisia are falling. Remember Vietnam and the logic they used to promote that war?

“Domino Theory”. Remember that oldy but goody? Well, we see it really taking place in the Middle East and the US is the mouse that roared. Vietnam cost 55,000 American lives. How many lives will be lost, how many human rights will be trampled under the Islamic Brotherhood? Millions. And the infection will continue spreading its tentacles until they encircle the earth.

Digging and digging dirty. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his clerics are running the show in an asylum. Only we don’t seem to know it and treat him like a guest on Romper Room. He is free to talk in the UN, have celebrity type status in the free world, but Netanyanhuu can’t get a cab. He is trying make strides for peace in the ME but the Palestinians wont hear of it. They say: “Not good enough!”

The US is the mouse that roared. America has fallen, has fallen. The Tse -Tse fly buzzes his wings and soon, we will all be asleep.

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