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Jelly Bellies and Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

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I miss Reagan. I really do. maybe it is that I just miss being in my twenties during the eighties. It was a glorious time. Just as you may miss being in your twenties during the sixties or seventies. Maybe even the fifties. Good times and good music when you are twenty. You are alive, immortal, living for that one immortal day.

Reagan possessed a certain charm and led the world out from Soviet rule. Of course, under Reagan, I feared Big Brother more than I had ever done so, until Obama took control that is. Now I FEAR BIG BROTHER. But under Obama, the world has lost a little more of it’s freedom, a little more of it’s innocence. Norman Rockwell would have nothing good to paint I am afraid. Can you imagine a Norman Rockwell type of painting with a TSA guard, a little kid in the airport being “searched”? Rockwell could call it “The Grope”.

Sad times have befallen the land. Dark times. Times when we need a gunslinger.

Who is going to stand up for freedom?

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