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Sonorous Love Songs

She Done Him Wrong

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Something to be said about the migrating process of geese, of songbirds and telecommuters. Everyone wants something, but never willing to pay for it.

I think love and work are two and the same sometimes. Never willing to pay the price, to stick it out, no matter the cost. Of course, I might be wrong. I was wrong in the past and might be wrong again. Maybe it is yet another example of unemployment taking it’s toll, making me more cynical, day after day. Discouraged today.Not beaten, but discouraged.

The devil DOES make work for idle hands. He traps, ensnares the foolish into his schemes. Work for free! Work more! Be more busy! Take no time for your family! Bills NEED to be paid. All truths mingled in with a little lie. The lie becomes that we begin to put our work first and not the important things.

Work may be the cause of your death, but work won’t be the one, standing by your graveside in the November rain, mourning.

But dear reader, right about now, I wouldn’t mind working a little harder for someone, putting them first. Why? Because there are bills to pay. There are children to feed.

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