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Darth Vader and the Toasted Dorito

Darth Vader as depicted in The Empire Strikes ...

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So, the SuperBowl is over. Everyone in America watched the packers take the shiny trophy home, to wherever home is. The Black Eyed Peas lulled the crowd to sleep. It is the game we watch,  but it is the commercials that we remember.

The favorite this year. Darth Vader of course! We all love Darth. Even I, at 45 years old, have the Darth Vader mask like the kid in the commercial. I bet that commercial cost, a bazillion dollars. maybe George Lucas got a new car for it.

Dorito ads play to the munchie generation who want nuclear flavored snacks when they sit and “veg” Nachos are too much work, so now they need to come in a bag of finger licking goodness. How many damn ways can you make a dorito chip? What is so exciting about them anyways?

Beats the hell out of me. Can’t wait until 2012 to find out.

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