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Unemployment and Network Marketing

It's So Nice to Be Rich

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GET RICH! GET RICH QUICK!! Oil salesmen, potions and Sham Wow. Everyone thinks that they have the inside track to wealth. There are bits of logic to each pitch, but what they fail to address is what happenes when you run out of people? What if I am stuck with inventory that I don’t need, can’t move? What if my family throws me from a moving train? Why does the graas appear greener on the other side?

I am not mocking MLM, but the amount of it that is out there, preying on people’s greed is enormous. In fact, I know of some amazing products offered only through MLM which is sometimes, the cost of doing business.

So what brings up MLM in today’s blog? Simply, I responded to an online ad looking for a salesman to help expanding into local market. It was not what I thought it would be. Although, I did watch the promotional video and am…intrigued by the idea of this particular MLM. Do I believe I would get rich quick? No, that is for suckers and I didn’t fall of the turnip truck yesterday. ( It was in fact, the day before)

The unemployed I think are particularly vulnerable. Bills come and they come, stacked higher and higher. A drowning man will reach for a stone if you throw it to him.

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