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Who’s There and Who’s Listening?

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Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

(empty silence)

The Brotherhood this. Obama that. Sounding like a broken record here. Tired of the indecisiveness of the west. Tired of the sheep being further lulled into a deadly sleep. So today, a change of pace awaits us dear reader. Well, first, I want to quote from Joel Rosenberg’s site :


Posted: February 2, 2011 by joelcrosenberg in Uncategorized
  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “The Obama administration said for the first time that it supports a role for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned Islamist organization, in a reformed Egyptian government…..White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that a reformed government ‘has to include a whole host of important nonsecular actors that give Egypt a strong chance to continue to be [a] stable and reliable partner.’”
  • The New York Times reports: “White House staff members ‘made clear that they did not rule out engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood as part of an orderly process,’ according to one attendee [to a meeting of Mideast experts with three officials of the National Security Council], who like others interviewed for this article spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to talk publicly about the meeting. The Muslim group had been suppressed by Mr. Mubarak, and Bush administration officials believed it was involved in terrorist activities. It renounced violence years ago. Several times, two other attendees said, White House staff members said that Mr. Obama believed that Egyptian politics needed to encompass ‘nonsecular’ parties: diplomatic-speak for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Few moves could be more disastrous. Does the administration not understand who they are dealing with?

Meanwhile, Mohammed ElBaradei continues to prove he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing by continuing to deny that the Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist Radical group intent on building an Islamic caliphate. Instead, he says they are a peaceful group and should be included in national politics in Egypt just like evangelical Christians are including in the U.s. and Orthodox Jews in Israel. In an interview picked up by Politics Daily, ElBaradei “said the Muslim Brotherhood, which had the largest organized opposition to the government, did not pose the threat of turning Egypt into another Iran. ‘This is totally bogus,’ ElBaradei said. ‘They are no way extremists. They are no way using violence. They are not a majority of the Egyptian people. They will not be more than maybe 20 percent of the Egyptian people. You have to include them like, you know, new evangelicals, you know, groups in the U.S., like the orthodox Jews in Jerusalem.’”

Just how inane is that? Obama and the administration is willing to appease the Brotherhood and assist in the transition. The last time I heard the word “appease” being used so lightly, 6 million Jews were systematically murdered. The West is being pulled down a garden path it does not want to go down.

But I promised something for a change of pace did I not? Maybe something to set our spirits alight. A fresh smile on a cold winters day. I truly wonder if President Obama is the Charley Brown of American politics?

Okay, maybe it wasn’t so different after all. But hopefully, I have made you stop and think for a moment. Maybe even smile.

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