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The Death of the American Dream

U.S. President Herbert C. Hoover

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When it it occur? really occur? Looking back, into the days of Arthur Miller, the Boys of Summer (remember them?)..Those were the last days of the dream. Then it became corrupt,greedy, poisonous. Maybe it was the whole sixties that were to blame, maybe it was Vietnam. Archie Bunker sings that we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again, but I disagree. If anyone, we need an Austin Powers type, to help get the North American mojo back.

The Democrats are killing America. The liberals have piece mealed it away for their own pocketbooks. The Republicans have stirred the fear pot. Taught us to be afraid of everything from the communist hiding under my bed, to the terrorist sleep cell that “might” be next door. Threats and innuendos fill the news everyday. We are looking for invisible enemies, keeping us in fear.

Europe has given in to the threat and her sovereignty expired circa 1978. Russia, circa 1989. Bastions of hope are now found not in the political leaders, nor the religious leaders (for the West) but in the mundane stars and starlets of Hollywood. We are shown Angelina Brolie adopting children. Show us the way Angelina! Lindsay Lohan, better living through continued stints in rehab! Brittney Spears, guide our children. Oprah, tell us how to be spiritual!

Hey kids, the blog is called Ramblings and other Savageries. Sometimes, I need to vent.

I am 45. Old. Tired and a little grumpy today.

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