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Sliding Down a Slippery

Now Get Busy

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Unemployed. Day something or other. It is getting rough around the edges. A wife that is getting tenser and tenser as the debt load increases. Stress is not a good part of this journey that I am on. The devil makes work for idle hands and I am busy. Busy trying to find work. Busy with small home projects like painting. Busy with laundry. Busy being a chauffeur to three kids. Busy blogging.

In France, they have a word for this.

However, spirits do remain high. Governments of the world are beginning to collapse. The OPEC controlled oil is beginning to climb. Space radiation is making my hair recede. Simply put, how can I not be in a good mood? Booze prices remain constant. Mood just got a little better thank you.

And there is the thought of trying to illuminate what it is that I do, exactly. Sales. Videoographer. Poet. Web Designer. Man about town. Studier of humanity. Studier of Christianity. Writer of dangers to human rights. But what I am most of all right now, is unemployed. Donations are accepted and welcomed!

I haven’t dreamed the winning Lottery numbers yet, but I am pretty sure that I will. Yes sir, just a matter of time.


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