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Challenger Disaster and The Gipper. Lessons Obama Needs to Know

Space Shuttle Challenger ' s smoke plume after...

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Twenty five years ago the sky blazed in a fireball that we hadn’t seen before. The Challenger and her crew were lost over the coast of Florida in a shocking, heart wrenching moment of American history.

Ronald Reagan went to the airwaves, to pay tribute to these astronauts and did an outstanding job. He rose to the occassion and said that this would not be the end of the shuttle missions, but the beginning, as they were still “pioneers”. The Gipper came through for America and there were more missions into space. America prospered. Bruce Sprinstreen led the charge with his Born in the USA album. Remember those days?

Now, flash forward to today. President Obama (albeit not legally President) has returned to the Gipper himself. I was quite suprised when one of the most left wing, spend thrift Presiden’ts of all time had the unmitigated gall to turn to Reagan and mislead even more of the American public down the garden path to destruction.


Bruce Springsteen, at least had the balls to say he was not in support of Reagan using Born in the USA as a platform for Republican politics. I can respect that. But, when a man of Obama’s finger pointing stature, begins combing the history bins to make himself look good..Well, dear reader, I will leave that to you and the voting booth.

Obama needs to forge his own pathways. He needs to step up and lead America into the next round. Not compare America to other nations, nor to point blame at past administrations. Obama needs to whip his team into shape, get them excited about America again, not just their fat cat paychecks and perks on the Capitol.

America needs to heed the words of JFK and begin doing again, for the country and not for themselves. Let’s go out and win this one for the Gipper.

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