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Polygamy and the Purple Nipple

Figure of a chanting Angel

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A lot of talk. Streetwise youths are chanting for apathy. Chanting, screaming for their red fringed freedom but what they find when they get home is a bowl full of lentils. Bland suburban existence. Bland flavored granola flavored yogurt. The kids are screaming for someting new, a purple nipple in black and white.

Anything. Something. Rage roils closest to the surface with them. The youth, misguided missiles of self destruction.

God has taken the by way and off the highway. One step, one day closer to Armageddon.

The train ride has it’s share of liars and fraudsters. The train ride is never for the faint of heart but it is for you. Seeker of truth and delusion.

Truth. Beauty.Love. Rubber rooms and rubber pants. It is whatever floats your boat.

Sometimes, verbal diarrhea helps unclog the cerebellum. And sometimes, it takes me down long garden paths where I can find you.

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