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Tuesday morning with a chance of heartbreak

Regis Philbin at the Vanity Fair kickoff party...

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So Regis is retiring? The big news of the day that everyone is talking about is that after 40 years, Regis Philbin has decided to retire.

What about the folks in Egypt that torched themselves? There are people dying because of their inner pain, their suffering but we focus on Regis Philbin, who by the way, did not cure cancer, nor the common cold, but was some guy in a small box, talking about inane things for 40 years. Heck, he didn’t even bring us the news, but we are fixated on him today in this society that is dying.

There. I said it. Our society is dying from a disease of decadence and over indulgence. The Western world is slipping into its own bile and not even aware of it.

Stop the presses!! Miley Cyrus smoked from a bong! Front page news! Can someone tell me why we have become so fixated on the beautiful people?

Today this I know that Jesus loves me because the bible told me so.

  1. January 18, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    People don’t want to think about the hard and difficult things of this world because it would be too…hard and difficult. We instead like to bask in the trivial and banal..so much easier to focus on the latest hairstyle or who is dating whom while people are being tortured for their faith, and churches an synagogues are being bombed daily.

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