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Apple pie and the red carpeted dream

The Silent Generation

Day 4987 of unemployment.  A day of grinding out the presses. A day of searching for the dream that will keep my dream alive. Give it to God my family says, and I do. A bigger ball I do not want to handle. You cant lose your faith simply becuase you are in a storm. What character of a man would I be when the chips were really down? A rascal I imagine. A nefarious lad with trouble on the mind.

Golden Globe awards captured the attention of a few, the many recounted the football scores. Canadian revelry went unchecked and the Mexican drug cartel expanded it’s territory while the West was sleeping.

I suppose that I am too old to pursue a career in music. Kind of always wanted to be a rock n roll singer, turned actor, turned philanthropist. Now, I am old, unemployed and crabby. Well, not too crabby. Some readers, okay one, sent an email saying that I was whining and self absorbed, and it was spam by the way, but that is simply not true. I am simply relaying life and opinions as they happen.

Not enough that the silent generation weeps silently. People need to hear it to effect change. It is not enough to become a lump of pudding in front  of the television. Get up and get involved! The revolution begins with you! With me! With us!

I am a televisual televangelist calling on you to make a change. Step up and make the change. Make the dream come true!  MLK said he had a dream, and that is all it ever will be, a dream unless the people wake up and make it a reality.

Martin Luther started the reformation.

Golden Globes. Vanity of vanities, said the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. ~ Ecclesiastes 1:2.

Come and dream with MLK and me. Dream the impossible. Dream the implausible but dream!

We watch through shuttered eyes.

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