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Jared Lee Loughner silenced common sense

Blame: Who is responsible? Not me!

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Best quote coming out of Arizona from an elected official: “There’s reason to believe this individual may have a mental issue,” Dupnik told reporters Saturday night.

Gee sheriff, do you really think so? I am not a rocket scientist either, but I think that a guy that posts multiple videos on youtube that are the craziest things this side of Mars is probably due for a check up at the local hospital where the rooms are rubber and pink in color. Of course, we should be relieved that the unknown man that happened to be in Safeway was thankfully, the cab driver who dropped Jared Lee Loughner off before going to buy some fruit.

The fallout from this is beginning to fall on both sides of the spectrum. The left is blaming the right, the right are blaming the left. About the only people that we haven`t heard from is the Polish. The French of course have remained silent but we can`t really expect anything more from them. “Have some freedom fries froggy“!! of course I jest but the seriousness of this calls for some kind of banter. Why can`t we all just get along?

Sarah Palin is not to blame. Neither is Barney Frank. Rhetoric on both sides piss off people from both sides. That is what great debate is about. To evoke, to elicit emotion and feedback. Not conspiracies about mind control and who is hiding behind the grassy knoll. ( Although, I have heard through the internet that it was Zsa Zsa Gabor on that fateful day in 1963)

The other great quote from Arizona where not all the beans are baked: “He was definitely on a mission,” according to event volunteer Alex Villec, former Giffords intern.

Alex, the Blues Brothers were on a mission, this guy was simply a kook a’la Jody Foster.

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