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Snowflakes and paper balloons

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Unemployed. Day 5 of the New Year. I must have sent in a kazillion resumes and cover letters in the past few days. The turkeys outside don’t seem to mind. They watch with curious eyes as I type, cut and paste away. Now, they are taking refuge under the cedars, to stay out of the snow.

To beat some of the boredom that I face, I even read and approve some of the spam comments to the site. There is a lot of vacuuming to be done, painting but it is here that sanity will prevail. It must!

Day 5 of the New Year and here I am. Wondering which way the job destiny will go. Here, there or somewhere. Something?Nothing? Hope? Hopeless?

Spirits are good. Life is still good. The good Lord has seen fit that I woke up, was able to have breakfast and drive the kids to school. After that, everything else is gravy. I might get wacky from time to time, but I won’t complain too loudly to the bus driver.

I will find work, or die trying. I will continue to post here and there. I will flip jacks and sit on tacks. I will post letters and news, but I won’t go to the zoo, that’s cruel. Roller skates and 23 ski doo. And yes Bruce, I do feel like a rider on a down bound train.

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