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The spy who came in from the cold-Kootenay style

Gulag Orkestar

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We had a great visit today with Nhabhutu and her mother who has been released temporarily from her imprisonment in the Gulag. Close to 76 years after the Great Purge, Nut-Nut’s mother saw her daughter.

We decided in honor of this occasion, we served grilled cheese sandwiches,Caesar salad and tea. Nut-Nut has just discovered the delicacy of Heinz ketchup so the grilled cheese sandwiches put a huge smile on her face, hidden by smears of ketchup.

The Sudanese warlord has been making life difficult for them and for this reunion to take place, but take place it did! international relief agencies have appealed to several governments and pleaded on humanitarian grounds that Nut-Nut was able to spend Christmas with her mother.

Nhabhutu showed up in a new Christmas outfit, made from her mother in the Gulag. I thought it was amazing what one could stitch together using a little burlap, barb wire and soap flakes, but it really was a lovely outfit! My kids were happy the see Nhabhutu after so long. They welcomed her in like long lost brother and sister, it was pretty heart warming. As her former foster parent, I too was touched by watching Nut-Nut unwrap her gifts from us.

We had such a lovely visit. The interpreter told us that Nut-Nut’s mother (must remain nameless here to protect her identity) was happy to be in such a nice place, but wondered if we could turn the heat down as it was too hot for her. She too was perplexed to see us in garments made of cotton and not burlap. Culture shocks are never easy I suppose.

She is such a lovely girl, we pray that she will be reunited permanently with her mother soon. Perhaps they will find happiness back in the desert where her mother first fell swoon to the warlord. Maybe they will be happy in Ottumwa. Maybe they will remain here and start a nunnery, or a vegetable factory.

With expectant eyes, we look East.

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