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Symbiotic relationships and daffodils

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Billy the Kid (1860 – 1881).

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Day 180 + of unemployment. Getting a little rough around the edges. Life in the Koots is getting harder to maintain but we will have to see how the wind blows in the near year. Maybe Saskatoon,  Ottawa, Yellowknife are in the cards.

Billy the Kid never had this much trouble finding work. He just took what he wanted and was done with it. Sure he met an untimely demise but he wasn’t hungry when Pat Garrett put a slug in him.

We tried to dance but the music was too fast, too gangsta’. Whatever happened to Lawrence Welk? Why did Andy Williams set up shop in Branson, MO?

Unemployment. Resumes. Calls. Rejections. No call backs. It is a circle of steel designed to test your mettle.  I need some daffodils in my office, perhaps that will put a shine on my day.

The good news is that it can only last for so long. Nothing is forever. The longest I can be unemployed for is util the day I die. See? Not forever at all! Although, don’t tell my partner I said that, she wouldn’t be too keen at looking at me unemployed that long.

So as 2010 winds down, I look forward to many great things happening on the horizon. I am excited by what the possibilities of tomorrow can be and so should you. Tomorrow might bring something undreamed of today.

Tomorrow you just might find that your heart is a little more open than it was today. Tomorrow you might be free.

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