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Santa and the mermaid on the beach

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Canadian Santa Claus drawing from 1875

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Snowing and my mind goes wandering as I watch the kids toboggan down our hill. Monday morning blahs have set in amongst the tree dwellers but lively dogs run amok, chasing the rubberized feet of youngsters. Me? I stand by the wood stove, planning my day, unemployed as it were, gives my wife reasons to find work for me to do around the house, like cleaning the bathrooms. “I’ll get ‘right’ on that” I say as I look with eyes rolling in their sockets.

I don’t like mermaids.

Maybe I will grab a shot and step outside, into the real world. Maybe someone will phone today. Maybe I will go hunt down the turkeys that poop all over my yard. White virgin snow, besotted by fecal blemishes.

I am bored. I don’t like mermaids.

Hurry home. We miss you.

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