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Robots and eggnog

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It’s Christmas time. A time for joyous little kiddies running around the Christmas tree, a yule log burning brightly and eggnog. Rum and eggnog. Beer and eggnog.Eggnog lattes! yum!

Robots do not drink eggnog in case you were wondering.

Is the Christmas spirit alive and well in 2010? In this house it is. My kids are counting down the days to the morning that reveals to them if they were naughty or nice. Even my dog gets a little something from the man in red as she is always, “such a good doggie”.

Robots do not drink eggnog.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year for a lot of different reasons. For one, I like the cake that we have on Christmas morning to celebrate the birth of flying baby Jesus. I like the eggnog that I drink to wash it down.

Second, I love the way even my kids for ten minutes, put away their bickering and revel, like greedy little monsters over the loot that they got. Endearing.

Third, I love to see my spouse, haggard and tired, looking like she could use a rum and eggnog without the eggnog at 6:30 am. Christmas is always hard on women I think.

Fourth, I love the food. the merriment of visiting relatives and sharing the day, just hanging out. Maybe one of them will offer me a little Scotch to drink, and being polite, I accept.

Fifth, it gives me a time to connect with some people that I don’t get to see very often. We can chat a bit more on a real level, as opposed to the fake FaceBook level where guards are up and the truth is always hampered by distance.

Sixth, I think that Christmas was a time that it did bring out the best in man (in Western society) until it became ‘offensive’ to wish people a Marry Christmas. Well, I hate to burst the bubble but it is Christmas. I do not tell you how to celebrate your holidays in Saudia Arabia, please be respectful enough not to tell me how to celebrate mine. Why not even participate and feel the warmth of what Christmas is really about:

Giving and not expecting anything in return. (Yes, I know we all do expect something now but that isn’t what it is about. For proof, refer to A Charlie Brown Christmas)

Seventh, I love that Christmas can bring me back to my own childhood. Warm memories of days spent with people that are no longer here. Remembering special presents that I got then and some of which, I still have.

Eighth, knowing that it is one day out of the year that I get new slippers.

There are other things that I appreciate about Christmas, but for now, that will do.

Robots still don’t drink eggnog.

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