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Full circle with Roger Waters and The Wall

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Cover of "The Wall"

Cover of The Wall

Well, it was 30 years in the making, from a scared 14 year old who saw it in 1980 to crazy man, Dec 11,2010 I have come full circle.

Roger Waters and The Wall at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday was everything that I could have wanted it to be. 30 years ago, I traveled down the very path that Pink Floyd was warning me about; creating my own wall.

When I was 14 and saw it, I did not have the experience to fully understand The Wall. Sure, I understood the political context, but I did not understand the relational context, not the personal detachment that a wall would create, and thus, deprive me of many years of what life was meant to be.

Waters on Saturday night took me down that road again, in an experience that for me, was borderline religious. I had traveled a hard road to tear down my wall (thank you Jesus!) and here I was, again with the man that really was a major influence for who and what I had become, have become.

He hit the notes, the wall reverberated. The plane burst into flames. The wall came down. He sang `Mother `against a backdrop of footage of himself, 30 years prior, singing the very same song. I wept openly because as The Wall was his, it was also mine. His mother, was my mother.

30 years later, and I sat with thousands upon thousands of likeminded souls I am sure. I don`t think that I am the only one that The Wall has resonated with. I am sure that there were a lot of children in the 70`s and the 80`s that could relate, could identify with it.

Alienation, drug abuse and hatred. It was all I could ever have been. I have come out from behind my wall as it was literally shattered years ago. Older, wiser, perhaps like Mr. Waters, understanding the futility of trying to hide behind cold eyes is not the best way for humanity to grow, to achieve heaven.


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