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Pine cones, immature male

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Sufferin’ succotash. It is enough to drive you buggy. Watching the world unfold into a bustle of thorns. Watching the past envelop the present,eating the future.

Tomorrow will seethe return of Nhabhutu! her new worker called, in a pickle for someone to care for little Nut-Nut tomorrow and I said sure! She apparently talks of our family all the time, showing pictures of her time here. Her new care giver has noticed the behavioral issues already, so I gave her a run down on everything that I know and what to watch for.

Her fascination with plastic still goes strong. Finding large orange yard bags, apparently Nut-Nut thought that they were suitcases and filled every large bag in the house with clothes, pine cones and the like. After explaining that they were not suitcases, she did not pay attention to what they were and proceeded to try jumping and flying with the magical creations.

I was told she said that something so orange and shiny must have magical powers. I was also told that her imaginary friends (3 of them) thought that this was a great idea.

The saga continues…

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