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Nut-Nut is moving on


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Image by Fotos Gov/Ba via Flickr


The consulate informed me earlier this week, that Nut-Nut’s mother, did not make parole and she will remain in the Gulag for sometime. I was not surprised by this, saddened, but not surprised. Fighting the Soviet regime is a deadly occupation with few chances of success and her mother is a living example of this.

I am saddened too that Nut-Nut has been assigned to another home to reside in. We, at the end of the day simply do not have the tools to deal with her emerging issues. She needs a home where there is an older person that can devote a lot of time just to her. She needs a home where the activity level is minimal. Our home is a controlled chaos, a healthy home, but chaotic as we are a very active family. Chaos is the only thing Nut-Nut has ever known and it is not very healthy for her.

Nut-Nut did not seemed phased by the news that she was going to yet, another home. Her case worker said that she would, in time realize that she has been handed off again, that her life is in the hands of someone not her mother, again.  While all of this makes it hard, it is not goodbye for us. We have decided that Nut-Nut does need some constant in her life.

While we do not have the capabilities for her needs, we do have the capability of continuing to be a part of her life by taking her out every now and then. We can teach her how to skate, introduce her to the great Canadian experience of hockey, winter sports in all of their frozen glories. So my tales do not end with Nut-Nut moving on, but transitioning into something new…stay tuned faithful reader.

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