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Slowly getting ready to say goodbye.

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Nut-Nut and her time here draws closer to the end. In fact, her mother is scheduled to be released in just under three weeks and is awaiting to be reunited with her daughter.

I supposed a lot of people on the left side of living, would agree that was a good and wholesome, warm and fuzzy thing. Don’t get me wrong, I hope that it will be successful transition into our culture (for the mom) and for Nut-Nut to transition into her mom’s. I am doubtful more than hopeful however, and that makes me sad a little.

I was helping Nut-Nut with her homework today and she has yet to memorize her ABC’s. I was kind of shocked by that. At six, you would assume that most children in North America would know the basics, but not Nut-Nut. Can I be mad at her? No. How about her mom, who was supposed to be teaching her these things? Probably.

I get mad at the system that allows warm and fuzzy to surpass common sense. I was called the other day by an “aboriginal aide” that helps aboriginal people find their culture and help them in their schooling and the like. I explained that Nut-Nut was not an aboriginal, but that her mother was from another continent. Her father as far as I can surmise, exists on another world.

The aide told me that didn’t matter. As long as Nut-Nut was an aboriginal from “somewhere”. How’s that for tax dollars being well spent? I asked this aide, what she knew about the Sudanese culture, how would she be able to help Nut-Nut gain an understanding, an acceptance of a culture that she has never experienced and is 5000kms away?

The aide she would provide arts and crafts. Yes, i heard that was a great way to help children of a different culture assimilate into the one they are existing in. Arts and crafts. Not stories from tribal elders, but through the magical process of arts and crafts, a child removed so far from their culture, can be united with it and embrace it.

But I digress, the point of this blog is that it looks like my time as being a foster parent to an innocent victim is drawing to a close. As annoying as any child can be, Nut-Nut deserves a lot better than the fate she has been assigned. Her deep brown eyes light up when she talks about going back to live with mom. It is the only life she ever knew. I cannot blame her for that. A moth eaten blanket is better than no blanket at all.

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