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Nut-Nut and the war paint

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Black light bodypainting with fluorescent pain...

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Nhabhutu has out done herself. While her father made a break for Canada during last week by catching a transport out of the Sudan, he bought little Nut-Nut face paint. I think you can tell where this story is going.

Nut-Nut decided it was today. Today she would become a proud Sudanese warrior. My story begins…

Nut-Nut came downstairs in tears. Someone she said had kicked her. Noticing the strange colors on her face, I can bet I knew why. “Why did they kick you  Nhabhutu?”

Through her snivels, “Because I hit them.

“That wasn’t very nice Nhabhutu. We don’t just hit people that live in my house for no reason.”

“I don’t need a reason! “, she screamed. “My father great warlord. He tells me I am his warrior princess. I don’t have to answer to anyone!”

Now, a defiant little six year old is not the best thing on things I deal well with list. So I give her a time out. In the kitchen, in front of the timer. Five minutes to think about what she had done. As I was walking up the stairs, I noticed that my carpet was a shade of red that it wasn’t before. (It was beige)

She sits on the chair in the kitchen and it now that I notice that it isn’t just her face that is painted, it is her entire body..fire engine red.” Oh Nhabhutu, what have you done?”

She glared at me, saying nothing. I decided that an investigation was in order. I looked in the bedroom that she was playing in and yes, the new carpet was now as red as her legs. My daughter, reading a book looked at me and said “I didn’t do it.”

“I know.” I did a second look at my daughter. Apparently, Nhabhutu decided that a warrior princess needed another warrior in her tribe, so yes, my daughter was covered in war paint. “Look at me” she squealed, “I’m an Indian!”

Do you think that this story ends here gentle reader? No, sadly it does not. As I begin to scrub and scrub, determined to get the stains out, the phone rings. It is Nhabhutu’s mother. She is calling to tell me that the schedule I want, doesn’t work for her. DOESNT WORK FOR HER????!!! I tried to be polite and smile,they say they can hear you smile on the phone, but I am not good at charades and Nut-Nut’s mom knew I was mad.

I politely hung up the phone and resumed to scrub the carpets,hopeless, but I felt the good old college try would soothe my soul and my nerves.

Now it was time to visit Nhabhutu and her father. Me and a liaison, arrived at the destination on time, but where was the warlord? His daughter was all done up in war paint, so where was the warlord? We waited. And waited. We waited some more and he never showed up. Nothing. No signal. Nothing. Not even a distant elephant horn was heard. The liaison and I waited for thirty minutes and decided that he was probably hunting a water buffalo or marrying a new wife.

So that was Monday! What adventure will tomorrow bring?

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