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Nhabhutu and the little pony

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My Little Pony

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Walking through Wal-Mart is almost like going to the zoo, having Christmas and Hanuka all rolled into one. Nhabhutu got hit with the commercialism shotgun, both barrels. In the fluorescent lit store, she discovered the toy section. THE TOY SECTION! The latest and the greatest toys were there, all shining in their packaging, almost whispering…”Buy me”

“In village, we play with either flat soccer ball, or dress dried potato as doll”, she told me.”Sometimes, we take the dung beetles dung, shoot like, ” she paused, searching for the word, “marbles”. I nodded. I wanted to get the heck out of there. Crowds and bright lights are never my two favorite things, but I figured Nut-Nut deserved to see the West in all of it’s glory.

She walked up and down the aisles, eyes wide open with each toy, every display. Then she saw it. “My Little Pony”. Her eyes popped out of her head and she said something that I didn’t understand. “What did you say Nut-Nut?”

“Pink horse with purple hair a god in my village”, she said in a quiet reverent tone. “They bring moon and harvest.”

Now, I am not one to needle a six year old on her religious beliefs, but I did have to point out that this was a toy, that there were no such things as magical pink ponies that brought harvest or the moon. She glared at me in pure anger. “NOT TRUE!” she screamed.  She grabbed the My Little Pony toy and ran down the aisle, holding it close.

I was out $14.99. Not including accessories.

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