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Juggling a resume

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Image by University Circle via Flickr

Trying to finance a home, begin a new life. Follow God. Swim in a river that is far too cold. Be a husband, father a friend. Wake up. Face the day. Go to bed, reflect on the day and what is to come. I would like to wrap myself in a sheet some days and just, hide.

None of it is easy. All of it is fun, just not easy. Nut-Nut confided to me yesterday that she liked living here with us. I thought that was a big step for her and for our family. As I wrote earlier, my kids do treat her like a sibling, so it is nice to know that she is doing okay in this crazy environment.

A bit of a pain in the ol’ tuckus. Did I mention chauffeur needs to be added to my resume? Although after today, I can officially add Selkirk Vinters as an organization or club. They are a group of old guys, growing grapes up at Selkirk College which, will be turned into wine. I am pretty keen on learning as much as possible. My neighbor, who is also a member is a “Master Wine Maker”. Not sure what that is, but at least I do not have to go far to pry information.

These are my stories. These are my tales.

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