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Nhabhutu goes to school

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Nhabhutu had her first day of grade one yesterday. Of course, it was only a half day but there were glitches.She was supposed to be brought to the front of the school so I could pick her up, but she went with a friend to the playground without telling anyone. Not a good thing for the parent that is supposed to be responsible.

I and a teacher’s aide, found her on, you guessed it, the monkey bars, hanging upside down in her brand new pink dress. “Nut-Nut! Don’t do that” I yelled out.  My heart was in my throat as I could see her plummeting to the soft foam floor below.

She looked at me curiously and swung herself around. “Metal jungle” she replied. A big smile beaming across her face.  I could see for a moment a trace of sadness as perhaps she remembered far away shores with village children playing in a real jungle, not one fabricated by man. I could see in that one moment, an outsider trying to fit in but no matter how she tried, she would always be the outsider. I hope that I am wrong. I hope that the child of the jungle becomes a fine young woman of the West.

My other kids have done very admirably with her. They treat her as a sibling, which means that they play and they fight. They squabble and they love.

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