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The gear is engaged

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Yesterday was about memory and hearth and home. Being six. being young, forever. But we need to look ahead into the wide open spaces that do remain ahead of us. I need to ( being honest with you dear reader), move faster forward, being more bolder in everything that I do, but weigh each step carefully. I need to listen to not just that inner voice, but also that ticking clock that resides deep within me.

A house has come up on the market that we looked at 2 years ago. I believe we should have moved forward in faith on that house, but, we didn’t. maybe we were afraid of the sticker price. Maybe and more aptly, perhaps we didn’t fully trust in God. Maybe our faith was complacent. I don’t know. At the time we prayed about if this was meant to be, then God would increase my sales by X amount. That didn’t happen. We didn’t buy the house, even though we were led to.

I was praying the other day and the house came to mind again. I uttered that we should have moved in faith on it. I learned that sometimes, God doesn’t answer prayer, at least not in the way that we expect. Sometimes he wants us to step out in faith. I do not know if this was one of those instances, but I think it might have been.

The house has been listed again and at a lower price. Now what? I am currently, unemployed, a foster parent etc. Excuses but they are valid.

Your prayers, thoughts and comments are definitely welcome.

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