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Some days are just better than others.

I Don't Like Mondays

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Monday is around the corner. Universally, is there anyone who thinks that Monday is a good day? Back to the grind, back to the job, back to the real world.  Even unemployed, I find that Mondays are not the best of days. I am sure that there is science behind why Mondays are tougher than the other days, but it generally falls in malaise of a perspective kind.

Better to wake up on Tuesday and sleep Monday. Better that Saturdays remain endless.

In the meantime, we find ourselves here, muted and silent. Reading. Weeping.Living. We find ourselves lost in the blogoshphere, trying to find truth. I have shared one truth with you tonight. Mondays suck. Tomorrow is another day and another truth to be revealed.

Time for sleep, for prayer. Time to explore the other side of the lid and see what’s inside.

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