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A song of frayed nerves

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I have to admit, I am not perfect. As I go along this journey, I realize that as a parent or a foster parent, I have my faults. I am human.

Yesterday tried my nerves, to the bitter fraying of them. I am currently on a fast, so I am a little hungry, a little irritable, ( I am trying to be honest with you dear reader) so when three children, under the age of ten are squabbling, bickering, whining and crying, my fuse begins to shorten. No, I did not yell or lash out, but the stress levels were pretty darned high.

As we were eating supper, Nhabhutu continued to talk and talk and talk, not eating. Repeated my wife and I told her to eat so we could enjoy a moment of silent repast, but, Nhabhutu kept going. Then out of the blue she told us what her name meant in her language. It means “squawk like little dog”. She said that her dad, the Sudanese warlord named in honor of the village dog who had barked constantly, warning them of impeding attacks from other villages or mosquitoes, or anything that moved for that matter. ( I think his sarcasm was lost on her)

Now, don’t get me wrong, she is sweet and innocent. She has been born into this and did not make her circumstances. God appoints for each of us, a certain destiny, a role that we all must play. Nut-Nut does what she thinks brings her attention. We all do it to some degree. We all have boundaries of decorum, but Nhabhutu is just beginning to learn about boundaries, other peoples space and the respect for other peoples space.

The good news is that she has finally begun to sleep on top of her bed. Not under the covers mind you, but at least it is a movement in the right direction. Sometimes I feel like Edgar Rice Burroughs as he penned Tarzan. that one human could be so utterly removed from what the rest of the world is doing..It is an exciting adventure.

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