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Nhabhutu and the camping experience

View of the Comet Halley and the Milky Way

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Well, another year of camping is done! This year we took our foster child Nut-Nut with us and the experience was, well, an experience.

The first note that I have to make is that Nut-Nut’s father ( the warlord) refused to give up any days that he had visitation rights on so we had to drive her back home for 2.5hrs one way, just for a 2 hour visit. I know, I know. You do what you have to do, but at the same time it was a little frustrating.

Nut-Nut didn’t seem to keen when we first arrived. Perhaps, overtired? Perhaps frightened by yet a new situation. The fear was soon allayed by a whining, like Fran Drescher every time something happened. Needless to say, it got a little irritating, fast. A talking to and then she became right as rain. She ran down to the beach with life jacket on and became a star camper.

I think due in part that it was part of her natural environment. Sleeping on the ground, campfires and no Western influences other than XM Radio being the only thing that did work in that remote wilderness we were in. She took to camping like a bug in a blanket. She and Malachi spent a lot of time at their “fort” made up of tree roots in the sandy cliffs of the lake.

Nut-Nut explained the Milky Way to us in terms of the “Great Hunt” and the “Great Mother”. We tried to explain to her that the stars were in fact, gaseous orbs that were very, very far away and that they weren’t to be worshiped, or offered a sacrifice to. They were to be looked at in awe of God’s creation. “Worship the Creator, Nut-Nut, not the created.”

Not sure if she understood entirely, after all, she is only six and comes from a background that is foreign to us. Not alien to us, but definitely, foreign. It is a blessing to have her with us, even it is for a short time. As we learn about her world, she is learning about ours. Hopefully one day she will be reunited with her mother who is looking to be released from the Gulag sometime mid month.

I wonder if they have T-shirts that say “I survived being a Foster Parent and all I got was a hug and this T-shirt”?

  1. Dawn
    August 23, 2010 at 9:16 am

    My parents raised 3 boys, around 8 foster kids over the years, and 1 adopted daughter and survived to tell the tale. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but with God’s help it will give you stories to tell your grand kids about God’s faithfulness.

  2. August 23, 2010 at 10:23 am


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