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Nhabhutu and the trampoline

I am one of thousand Canadians that own, begrudgingly, a trampoline. It has served my family well over the years and now, it serves  Nhabhutu as well. Although, not in the way I expected.

She climbs on the trampoline, without fear or reservation and begins bouncing as high as she can. She cries out “Nyucky tuck! Nyucky tuck! (Which I am told is translated to (Catch me Jesus”) She throws down Pink Elephant popcorn as an offering to the Lord and bounces even harder, to get the popcorn to bounce up and down. I asked her why she wanted the popcorn to bounce and she looked at me like I asked the stupidest question.

“So God can eat” she said as she took a moment from her frantic bouncing.

“That’s a lot of popcorn Nut-Nut”

“Maybe He share with Jesus”

I can’t argue with that now can I?

We are getting ready for our annual camping trip and not sure how Nhabhutu is going to fare with a lot of rowdy,loud rednecks. I think she is going to have a smile that spreads from one ear to another, playing with kids her own age in the remote wilderness…I hope she will have the time of her life, if we can only get her to leave the Pink Popcorn behind…No internet there so any stories will have to relayed afterward.

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