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Side skirts and side cars

Rambling and gambling, lots of fun. Shirts and skirts that hang by the fly and you know that there is no ever telling you why. They smile, harmlessly, but so very effectively and the running down the street has just begun.


Beach life and beach wear. Beach ware is another story but the wear is so much more fun. Where is the wear to be wearing at the beach? Skirt slides to the side. String in the middle, drawn tighter than a fiddle and the hobos dance in laughter.

We drew a line in the sand, but the wave washed it away. Lines aren’t good anyways. Too many boundaries. Too many rules to remember and they hurt a tired head.

She calls me dad.

Did you skim the surface or was it already just wet? Did you remember to put the umbrella in the sand and in your drink? Summer is hot. I blinked.

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