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1st swimming lesson for Nut Nut

Today was Nhabhutus’ first swimming lesson at the Complex. Nut-Nut as I now call her exclaimed in wonderment at the clear blue water. Eyes wide open, she saw other children splashing about and proceeded to jump right in. Didn’t even wear water wings! What a little trooper!

“Just like the elephant ground” she yelled, laughing. ( I asked her later what that was and she basically said that there were mud holes that after the elephants and crocodiles had left, the local children would jump in to splash)

A good friend of ours was commenting on Nut Nut and how well she seemed to be adapting to everything that was going on in her little life. Heir to a Sudanese fortune from Nigeria banks and espionage skills I am sure she inherited from her mother, with God’s hand on her, there is no telling how far little Nut-Nut may go.

Being a foster parent in the past three days has been very rewarding. I have taken a stranger into my home and hopefully, have made a difference in someones life. Hopefully, impacting her and those around her in a positive way. Head hunter or warlord, all men are created before God. It is up to their own self to accept that or to accept the path of the world.

Oh little Nut-Nut!

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