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Day: Unknown

I had a moment of fear today as I looked at my hydro bill. $143.00 and I am out of work. Me. Out of work. $143.00.The moment came and it didn’t just leave, it didnt just go away. It lingered. Lingering makes it stink a little longer.

I spent the past seven years, selling safety. I did a stint as a supported employment counsellor as well. That one didnt pay my bills, but as I learned, some jobs are so worth doing, even if the pay doesnt let you eat filet mignon every night.

So, seven years of ignoring my true passion for writing, for creating has come full circle. I am here. Blank page waiting to start fresh.

Web design. Video work and editing. Breath anew. Spirit anew, rewakened. It feels good to be home. Scary, but good. Like God, scary but incredibly good.

We are about to become caregivers for a 6 year old girl whose mother is going through a bit of a rough time. Me, a legal gaurdian for a child that isn’t mine. Who could have seen that ever happening?

She is a sweet little girl who needs an ounce of stability, a dose of mercry and a lot of love. Her mom loves her lots but like I said, she is going through some hard times of her own. My unemployment is scary, but it is not as scary as what others go through.

Saying that, I am problaby more blessed than anyone I know and in that, I boast in the Lord. Scared? Sure? Afraid? Not really, God has my back.

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