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Sex and the naked city

Wandering around. Moonlight hides what the sun is afraid to see. Train stopped but we gotta go. Naked the city sleeps. We peer into little lives and little lies and stop. Breathing.

What goes on behind closed doors and closed curtains on a Monday? Babies being born and old people going home. To the plane where all spirit finds rest or torment. I heard a radio in the background, John Lennon was singing to his son, but not the other. Heartache.

I can see her and her child. They stand out like far away dreams and memories. Aching to be home. Aching to be loved. Aching to end the loneliness.Wrapped in a blanket, the dust keeps them held to the ground. We miss what we do not see and we mourn for what we cannot love.

Stepping back onto the steam train. Too much aggrandizing reality hurts. Too much weirdness in your world. Come join me on the next stop if you like. Take my hand and feel the breeze.

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