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In memoriam – Dale Saunders

My best friend in my early youth died 32 years ago, May 1st 1978. A long time ago. A long time to remember childhood memories, laughs. Loves and likes. I remember. Why have I put him here? So I will always remember and that he will never be forgotten.

Dale Saunders October 1977

I did a Google search and found nothing. no notes, nothing.

He was my best friend. He liked Kiss and Farrah Fawcett. He collected old coins and hockey cards. He liked a girl name Debbie and even bought her a ring. He was twelve. He was funny and made me laugh. We watched House of Frankenstein. He had a brother and sister that we picked on mercilessly, but he loved them. He was quirky, off beat and just a kid like me having fun being a kid.

He was my best friend. He was twelve. His name was Dale.

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