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Finding Norbert at Kent State

If it wasn’t even that dreaming led to madness, I would have made out a lot better if I had found Norbert. Norbert was there and then he was gone. Whoop. Like a magical genie let out from his bottle. Weird alien smoke rings mixed. Scalawags and corn tossers!!

Screams at Kent University still cry out. Gun battle that never ends. No one was right because no one was wrong and no one won. Anything. Freedom has a price. Prepare yourselves to pay that price if you want to speak out, Cry freedom!Cry enslavement! It all comes with a price because some people are not willing to share. I think Norbert found that out.

What happened to the dreams? What happened to the shouts of protest? What happened to Bukowski? To Burroughs? To Hunter? Where are the champions? Why are the only heroes found in movies?

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