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Nose job for Jesus

It almost makes some sort of weird sense that Jesus should get a nose job, or a complete makeover. Why don’t more people follow the teachings of Christ? Is there some ugliness within the Scriptures that offend you?

Nose job for Jesus

Should Jesus get a nosejob?

You say that you do not believe in Christ. That there are many paths. You say you are a Buddhist, and reincarnation is the answer to getting to “heaven”. So, you can believe that in your next life, there is a possibility that you will come back as a dung beetle because of some wrongs you committed, but it is illogical that a Creator could send Himself down to the Earth in the flesh, to experience flesh, to die so that you may live and because He loves you?

I love asking people what they believe, or don’t believe in. The best are people that deny the very existence of any type of deity. If that were the case, what moral code do you follow and why? If you are nothing but evolved swamp gas, what holds you to following a moral or ethics code? Can you seriously look at your children and tell them that there is no tomorrow, that they are nothing but apes?

Maybe, to get back to my point, Jesus and Christianity should get a makeover? Become more attractive to the masses? What if He came saying without the need for us to repent from our past?

Sound off on this and let me know what you think! I say that Jesus loves you, is calling you to walk in a way that you have never experienced before. I say He is calling you to be free.

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